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Latest Hand Hygiene Audit

Our latest Hand Hygiene Audit has been completed and submitted. Please click here to see our latest results indicating excellent compliance with the Hand Hygiene Standard. We are working hard to keep all our patients and staff safe.

Participating In Delivering The Best Care Involves Everyone:

Everyone one visiting a hospital can help improve the care delivered by the hospital. Here are some simple ideas to think about:

  • W- wash hands: before, during and after visiting a healthcare facility;
  • A- ask questions of the healthcare providers to improve your loved one’s care. Speak up if you have concerns or don’t understand;
  • V- vaccinate against influenza and COVID as per Old Health guidelines each year. Ask friends and family who are sick not to visit the hospital.
  • E- ensure safety by not touching medical equipment and leaving your electronic devices at home or turn them off.


There have been recent changes to MBS item numbers for colonoscopy which affects all patients with or without private insurance from the 1st November 2019. The new item numbers and explanatory notes are attached. The major changes are stipulation of the indication for colonoscopy and imposition of rigid time frames for repeating colonoscopy.

Colorectal cancer remains the second most common non-skin malignancy in Australia and its incidence is increasing in younger patients. These new item numbers compound the significant complexity of the current colorectal cancer guidelines. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer and maintain patient access to colonoscopy. Please note that THERE IS NO QUALIFYING TIME CONSTRAINT IF YOUR PATIENT HAS COLONIC SYMPTOMS, IRON DEFICIENCY, ANAEMIA FOR INVESTIGATION OR A POSITIVE FOBT. If you have concerns about a patients eligibility for colonoscopy  please consider referring for consultation. Please find attached the MBS Colonoscopy Quick Reference Guide.

Latest Results for Eastern Endoscopy Centre from the QPS Benchmarking for Day Hospitals

GESA Colonoscopy Recertification Program: 

All of our gastroenterologists have completed their recertification program and gained recognition of their skills with recertification in colonoscopy through the Gastroenterological Society of Australia. This program is designed to support practitioners in:

  • Maintaining their expertise in colonoscopy:
  • Continuing to develop their skills through subsidised training opportunities and
  • Implementing the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard to increase safety and the quality of care being delivered to patients.

The program has been developed over several years and brings Australia into line with international trends and with increasing consumer expectations regarding medical professionals.

Hospitals and day facilities must ensure that their practitioners are recertified to meet the new requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for their accreditation.

The program incorporates:

  • a formal Recertification program based around an online logbook and
  • increased training and education opportunities for practicing colonoscopists.

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